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Hi 244751,
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Rule 2 and 3 apply to callers calling provider B while rule 10 does not appear to be provider specific and will affect all incoming calls irrespective of which of your incoming number is called
You were right, what I have had to do is to create three rules for this provider and the other identical one.

The first rule was to send calls to voicemail over the weekend.
The second rule was to send calls between 20:00 and 23:59 to my Voxalot number.
The third rule was to send calls between 00:00 and 03:00 to my Voxalot number.

Rules 2 and 3 override the CLI rule in rule 10 (now rule 100), I may have to create another rule specifying that 03:01-19:59 are sent to voicemail, I'll verify that later, but the majority of calls during these hours will come through SiPBroker and thus have no CLI and be caught by rule 100.

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Not necessarily, if they are not one of the providers configured in rule 1-9 above then rule 10 might impact them depending on the CLID being passed
You were right with this one, I had to alter my two SiPBroker accounts to stop pointing to my Voxalot URI and to point to my FWD and SiPPhone URI's. Then set up the specific call times and have it passed through to the Voxalot URI to override Rule 10 and thus enable SiPBroker codes to be used.
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Hope this helps
Very much so 244751, thank you
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