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Is there some sort of overlapping btw local dialing and dutch phone numbers with 00316XXXXXXXX that I am missing?

If a dial plan like this is in place:


Priority* 111
Pattern* _00316XXXXXXXX (Dutch Mobile)
Active* Yes
Virtual Toll Free Enabled* No
then calls to 00316XXXXXXXX via Virtual Toll free will not work

but ...

if there happens to be another rule in there, that handles calls to 003xx. for example, that's been left enabled, then calls will use that rule...

the other issue...

00316XXXXXXXX (there is 8 Xs in there), if someone enters 00316 followed by more or less than 8 digits, that rule no longer applies so it may help to have

_00316xx. rather than _00316XXXXXXXX

To test and make sure a rule that has Toll Free disabled cannot be overriden (without attempting a call), turn off the 'Active' setting temporarily for that rule and enter a number to test in the 'Test Dial Plan' line at the bottom of the Smart Call/Dial Plan page.
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