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Originally Posted by psehorne View Post
When I dial *500 from my ATA I get a recording "We're sorry. The number you have dialed cannot be connected." If I dial a SIPBROKER access number and then dial *010 500, I get into voicemail.

What to do?


This is likely a Dial Plan issue, either with the Dial Plan in your ATA....or one of the Dial Rules in VoXalot maybe interfering...

1. Under Smart Call/Dial Plan when logged into VoXalot there is a test field, type *500 and see what it says regarding how it'll route this call (if you happen to have any dial plans that utilize *, that could be the issue.....

If everything looks fine there

2. Save your current ATA dialplan on a text file so you can restore it if need be, and set your dial plan in the ATA to just [*x][*x]. (this is Linksys specific, so depending on your ATA it may need to be tweaked)

Hopefully one of those two will change things, or point you to the problem

The fact that you are getting that message, means the call is hitting VoXalot though, which means it is likely the first case....

Question: Was this working before, or is it the first time you try it?
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