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Try dialing 500 from your ATA to get to your Voicemail.
This should work as Voxalot supports it.

This issue is probably caused by the local Call Features "*xx" codes used by Grandstream in their ATA.
The code *50 disables call waiting and only the last 0 would be passed on to Voxalot, when you dial *500.
This results in the message "We're sorry. The number you have dialed cannot be connected."

Another option is to set "Enable Call Features" to No in the set-up screen.

Keep in mind that calls starting with an "*" and followed by 2 digits that match any one of the call features as used by a Grandstream ATA, will not go through correctly as the ATA will chew out the first three characters. They will never pass on to Voxalot.

So if you want to keep the ATA Call features active, you will have to create a dial plan such that you can still call sipbroker codes where this problem occurs.

For example, to call a Pennytel extension, instead of dialing *234-123456, you could dial 9*234123456. Then set up a dial plan such that matches on _9*xx. with a replacement of ${Exten:1} sent via Provider - Sipbroker. This bypsses the ATA's call features filter and lets the dialed number get to Voxalot.

By the way *23 is the Call feature code for 3-Way conference on the Grandstream ATA.

Hope this helps ..........
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