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Default Skype trunk for PBX

Hi Emoci,

Thank you very much for the great guide on creating a sip address for a skype account. This is so helpful because the Skype app for Android has so much better sound quality than any other SIP softphone for Android (including Sipdroid, CSipSimple and 3CX). Basically you created a SkypeIn this way.

I would love to be able to also make some kind of SkypeOut to my PBX (; I have been looking for ways on how to be able to make an outgoing call using my Skype softphone to my PBX so I can call a phone number or sip address. Unfortunately there is no possibility to create a trunk to Skype from Do you perhaps know of any online PBX or site where I would be able to do that?
Ideally I could make a skype call to an account that has my PBX (now behind it. Do you know a workaround, perhaps through a callback service? Having the PBX initiate a call to both parties?
I don't want to keep a server running at home yet, setting up an entire PBX and then having to have to box running all the time is not my cup of tea (yet), and so far this is the only way I see of doing it.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot again for the help you have already given (the guide).

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