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a. For enum:
OK, after much test with SMART CALL feature, I managed to figure out enum and SIPBROKER.

Once I had registered my mobile number with enum, in my SMALL CALL config, I have to select provider as 'SIPBROKER'. And my subsequent call to my mobile number will be direct to my registered SIP number.

Yup, that's a very useful feature.

Now I would like to figure out what if select VOXALOT as provider instead. For my enum registered SIP number, it was, so either provider voxalot or sipbroker will be ok for me. However if my enum registered SIP number was registered under xxxxx@YYY.COM, then I can only select VOXALOT as provider (provided YYY is a member of SIPBROKER). Is it correct?

But how to confiure such the way that when my VOXALOT was offline, it will go to my regular mobile phone?
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