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Originally Posted by sebastien View Post
Thanks Sleek . In fact this is the one and my question is, if I do this, does 2 or 3 people from my organisation can call outside at the same time ?

I understood about the BPX. But we dont need line in. And your answer 2 is not realist for time, to maintain 4 dialplans, too much in fact.

Thanks again.
Having one, two or five accounts is essentially the same, because as I've already mentioned, any voxalot account can be cloned, so regardless of the accounts you plan on using the result will be the same.

The responsibility to carry out simultaneous outbound calls however as emoci explained, comes to your VSP which will be carrying out the PSTN calls.

You should check with them whether they support:
1. Simultaneous calls from their server.
2. Calling without registration. Most of the providers allow you to authenticate and call, others require that you are registered, in which case the free version of voxalot account won't do the job.
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