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Originally Posted by chatalot View Post
My issue is that I cannot dial between the phones reliably. Sometimes I can call *010XXXXXX and the other registered phones ring. Other times it goes straight to voicemail. If I call my DID it always works but I want to do it direct over the Internet.

What is the official way to call another registration on the same account.
There is no specific way for the same VoXalot account to call other instances of itself. In fact it was not meant to be called this way.

That said from personal experience:
1. Set VoXalot up in PBXes for "outbound calls only"
2. Use the 5 extenisons to make calls through VoXalot

Unfortunately the FUP issues with BetaMax will persist if a call has originated from PBXes.

I have had no issues with incoming calls to VoXalot delivered to PBXes and handled by extensions as long as the registration and the inbound routing is set up properly ...

PS. One other option is MySipSwitch (they currently have a way to create alias accounts which is similar to multiple extensions). VoXalot-MySipSwitch interaction is much less problematic (but FUP for betamax will continue to be a problem there as well)
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