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Originally Posted by sebastien View Post
Thanks Sleek . In fact this is the one and my question is, if I do this, does 2 or 3 people from my organisation can call outside at the same time ?

I understood about the BPX. But we dont need line in. And your answer 2 is not realist for time, to maintain 4 dialplans, too much in fact.

Thanks again.
In regards to Option 1, registering multiple devices with the same VoXalot acct.: My understanding is that officially you can have two people make calls at the same time. From personal experience 3/4 simultaneous calls appear to work fine as well but may want to test this in your environment.

There is one catch, even though VoXalot supports multiple simultaneous calls, it still remains that the actual provider that's completing the outgoing call also has to support this ...

Since you're not currently interested in incoming calls a Free VoXBasic acct. will be a good start...
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