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I suppose you could set up the dial plan directly to send the call to the specific number via selected provider, instead of going through the Dial plan to the Speed Dial set-up. I'm pretty sure that that works.

For example, set up a Dial Plan entry in your Voxalot account to translate 447 to 004412345678 via [Provider1].

If dialing another sip address, then you can use
1) format, sent via Voxalot
2) Sip Broker format (*xxxxxxxxxx) sent via Voxalot or Sipbroker
3) Account ID sent via the Specific provider if listed in your account

The disadvantage is that you end up with a cluttered dial plan.
If you set up most of your entries to be length specific (ie. use exact length matching like _xxxx rather than _xxx. ), then the pseudo-speed dial entries can be at the bottom of you dial plan, without interfering with regular dialing plan entries.
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