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I remember testing this before (I wonder if I can track down the thread, here

The gist of it is that:

-You cannot do the transformation from 884>>**4 via VoXalot dial plans. It seems the speed dials have a higher priority than the actual dial plan (this last part does not explain much though beyond the fact that it doesn't work)

-You can however accomplish this in PBXes, this is what I'd suggest:

-Add another trunk (even though you already have one) using your VoXalot details. Call it VoXSpeedDial for example (just for outgoing calls)
-Add and outbound route for this trunk, and under the dial plan section of the outbound route (Custom dial patterns) enter 44|x.
-Now under the Trunk settings for VoXSpeedDial, in the dial rules section enter **+x.

So the transformations are: You enter 44x >> Outbound route transforms it to x >>The trunk processes it as **x

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