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Default Translating speed dial star codes

I'm sure this has been covered before but from the searches I've made I haven't yet managed to get a fully working solution.

I want to set up a dialplan that translates regular digits to speed dial star codes. For example: 88 -> **, such that 887 when dialled will send **7.

The reason is that on occasion I use a DID towards PBXes as a callthrough in order to receive Voxalot dialtone, from where I dial onwards. PBXes interprets "*" as a clear-down instruction so I am unable to use the conventional Voxalot speed dial code.

When I set up a Voxalot dialplan in the form:
(Priority) _88. **${EXTEN:2} I am asked to choose a provider. Now, Voxalot appears in the provider list, but if I choose this the call fails.

I only need to use this function for those speed dials that point to SIP URIs. For any others I can create short codes in the dialplan.

Any ideas for a work-around?
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