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I think we all agree that one of the main reasons why we all switched to VOIP is to have the freedom to make phone calls to wherever and whenever we want and pay a reasonable fees.
I agree that an all in one solution is more than welcome but when you start counting your calls minutes -in my book- it means it s time to start looking for an alternative.
For personal (home) use 2.95 euros ($5us) is fair in enough but 2000 min it's just doesn't make any sens. If it's for 5000min I'll sign up right away. I don't talk that much monthly but it s just silly to start counting my minutes on my home phone...

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mysipswtich has recently had some upgrades and can be used for just about anything that does not require handling audio path. you can program your own scripts inside the dial plan using ruby. this makes it limited only by your imagination and programing skill. there are no plans to every make it a paid service and support through the forum is excellent.

liberailvoip is also feature packed and can be used for callthrough and callback. limitation is that the UI is only in Italian. agian this is a non-commercial service that plans to remain free.

net2max can do most of what the others can. free and paid options.

of course there is voxalot.

Thank for the information. I do use Mysipswith a few months now and I m quite happy with it. I m using liberalvoip for callback since i discverded emoci guide. And I did try liberalvoip pbx it s really good and got all pbxes features that I need plus speed dial list.

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