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Originally Posted by satphoneguy View Post
there really is no correlation between price and service; that is a huge myth. there is good and bad support and there is free and paid but not a connection between the two necessarily.
What if BlueFace had financial difficulties (not something rare in voip business) and myipswitch budget suddenly cut off? It's fine if I use it for pure fun, but what if I built primary communication system based on myipswitch? Free services are not guaranteed, and thus cannot be used in critical applications, unless you know they are guaranteed for some reason other then being commercial. I use gmail with no problem as it's unlikely to have this kind of financial problems anytime soon. I'd use Voxalot free account with no fear because it is commercial project and again it's unlikely to disappear. Myipswitch? I'd love to use it, but I don't know if I can allow to myself set it up once and forget about it.

Another thing is, what I planned to do is to connect 5-6 clients (ATA and soft) into a network with shared providers, "intercom"-like communication between nodes, etc - something similar I used to see in offices. All this should be easily manageable. I think I can't do it with myipswitch, as remote nodes are likely to have codec differences. It would be difficult to do it with Voxalot unless I'm willing to pay for 5-6 paid accounts - I'd have to pay quite a lot while having very limited features (1 registration etc). So I discovered PBXes that can do all that at one account, which makes it very easy to manage, plus it gives much more features then I can have at Voxalot for $15/account, optional audio bypass like myipswitch, etc. Am I missing something?
The only real problem I see is that I'm not sure I can build such a network having just 2000 min at my hand.
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