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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
I am in the process of testing something that should also make it possible to use your VoXalot dial plans in conjuction with ANI CallBack (...suspense grows )
That would be useful - especially in conjunction with my comments over here :

If the VoxConnect API was opened up, it could allow normal Voxalot account holders to drive their own links/interfaces etc. Granted it's not a revenue stream for Voxalot (as they use their own VSPs routing etc) but I'd consider paying another $5 (for example) to have a "bolt on" for my account.

Yes, I know I could use WebCallback, or (which I do) but I'd really like some client apps (ala VoxFox) or desktop (trusted) links which I can just "click to call" my commonly used numbers etc, so my phone rings and connects me to them (and I don't have to login to a website).

This paradigm differs from the normal "click to call" as I'm not looking for customers to call me, I just want to use my credit & account in a simpler way.

(specifically I'm at home with a headset and no dialpad, using Office apps, not the web, and want to ring someone without picking up a phone - this would be highly useful!)
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