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I agree with most of the above, but... This is how it probably started, business services are for business use, aggregation platforms are for geeks and other enthusiasts . As in other areas of the same nature, things were developed mostly during afterhours, driven by people's excitment about possibilities that VoIP opens. So we had limited services that were easier to develop, with no real "home phone replacement for general population" idea in mind.

But now it's coming, and real consumers (not just geeks) get involved, but with totally different goals in mind: pay less, get more (features, minutes, etc)... this is what VoIP is about after all, isn't it? But here open platforms tend to stay behind, they still provide geek-oriented features, something very cool to play with, but not complete and reliable enough to serve as "next gen home phone".
Business platforms are still designed and priced for businesses. There's very little in between...

To put is simply, services I was asking about aren't really business class, they are natural for both markets, but they're absent in consumer platforms. Business class services start much higher, so things don't really overlap...
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