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Originally Posted by trottm View Post
For the past couple of weeks I have been geting the FUP messages through Voxalot. I tried PBXes and mysipswitch but all are affected the same. I wonder whether Martin can work his magic with them again?
No "FUP's" using VoipCheap and VoipBuster via with SIP device Siemens 450 IP from Vienna, Austria.
I am calling mostly free destination's in Austria and Italy (landlines) - *no* FUP's . Calling mobile and not free destinations I have *no* FUP's to!
90% from my calls are after 19:00 and I am sending 2-3 SMS/day using Betamax Web Interface.

1) Problem with PBXES is well known and "old" (
2) Please be more specific:
- which Voxalot server do you use (au,eu,us)
- which SIP device/configuration
- at home or student campus or hotel or public wifi spot
- do you notice FUP using Betamax Windows Interface or Web Interface (Pone 2 Phone, Web Callback) ?
- do you have problems only with specific destinations or all destinations or randomly or ...
- naturaly, free days and credit > 0 is required to ...


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