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Same here. I only noticed this today when I happened to login to my Betamax web account but after a quick glance at my call list, it seems that the FUPs started popping up much earlier.

Then I noticed that I only get the FUPs with calls originating from my SPA-2000 that's registered to Voxalot. Calls from my softphone (which does not register with Voxalot) seem to be still free. If you now look at small print at their website, the 300 minute limit now applies not only per week but also per unique IP address (see direct quote below). Betamax considers all calls via Voxalot as originating from the same address. Is this the IP address issue that you mentioned?

Anyway, I tried registering my SPA to the US server instead of the AU server that I've been using for some time. Calls are free again but probably only until I use up the 300 minutes. Then I shift to the EU server for another 300 minutes. Then I'll probably get a SPA3102 so that I bypass the need for Voxalot and have a "unique" IP address all (or most of) the time. :-(

I hope that this is really not the case but if it is maybe Voxalot can mask its server's IP address and send the true originating IP address to the Betamax servers instead. I'm not sure if this can be done, though. For those of you who have static IPs, this probably won't help. :-(

"* Max 300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address."
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