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Originally Posted by ataboy View Post
Is anyone else getting Betamax FUP charges on calls through Voxalot? I seem to be getting them from time to time and I'm not sure why.

As they don't answer my emails I'm no nearer to finding out the reason. I thought the IP address problem had been solved, so I guess it can't be that.

i am also getting FUP Exceded when using Betamax services. I didnt use 300 free minutes but still I am getting FUP and been charged. And this is happening only very recently. I guess there is something between betamax and voxalot. It might be that betamax is not willing to cooperate with voxalot anymore.

could someone (moderators) get in touch and explore what is happening? thanks in advance. we dont get any reply from betamax but hope to get reply from voxalot.
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