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Originally Posted by druids View Post
I sign up for free voxalot and I set up my ATA( Grand stream 286), I added 2 voice provider (one for here in NA and one for Europe), I configured the dial plans .But it is not working.I have dial tone on the phone attached, I tried echo test..nothing happend but I hear the instructions which probably means that I was connected to voxalot.I dialed the number and..nothing message..on the beginnig I put by mistake a dot in the dial plan and then I received an error mesage telling me the dial plan not working..Any Ideea? Can somebody help me please?Thks!

Well it sounds like a dial plan issue. Now it's either the Dial Plan on your ATA or the way you've set up Smat Call/Dial Plans on VoXalot...

The dial plan on the ATA should look like [*x][*x]. However I am not familiar with GrandStream 286 so you may need to tweak that to fit with how it prefers dial plans.

As for VoXalot, under SmartCall/Dial Plans you'll find a test call field. Enter there a number as you are dialing from your phone and see how your dial plans route that call....

On a sidenote, you may want to dial # after dialing a number to speed up the dialing process (it should reduce that empty space you hear just before the call takes place...)
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