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I have used voxalot, mysipswitch, pbxes extensively and net2max somewhat.

For quite sometime I was really using pbxes a lot; mostly for routing calls from sipbroker/voxalot and international DIDs to phones via different VSPs. It worked well except that it was a bit complicated and could only handle 2 calls at one time. Mysipswitch has recently been upgraded to handle forwarding to multiple locations and can handle an unlimited number of calls. I now use it for any type of routing to phones. I have even noticed a slightly better voice quality on average. This may be because there is no audio path through mysipswitch and there for no chance for degradation. The only thing I miss from pbxes is the call detail log. I still use pbxes for call through; but I will be switching that over to net2max which offer all types of functionality not found on other platforms including: callback using your own providers, all classic PBX type features including IVR and the ability to route calls to gtalk, yahoo, aol, msn and skype. you can call skype users even if you have never had a skype account yourself. this is very different from mobivox, nimbuzz, and barablu which allow you to import skype contacts(but you most join skype first and calls are route through your own skype accounts) So between mysipswitch and net2max my PBXes account has gone from being heavily used to being my backup solution. Although I can not complain it served me well. I very much prefer free solutions with the exception of call termination. If you do not mind paying a little and want every possible functionality I would suggest looking into EasyPABX. This used to be a free service; it is now available on a pay by channel basis. The quote I got on inquiry was very reasonable. You can sign in for free on a demo basis and play around with it all you like but will not be able to connect outside the platform without negotiating for paid services.

Junction networks also offer an al a carte PBX system called onsip that has limited free functionality. But you will not be able to call phone numbers without buying termination services from junction since it does not allow third party VSPs. If anyone has experimented with this service I would be interested in hearing your experience. When I took a look at it a while back I though it would be very interesting for inbound calls to multiple SIP phones with extension transfer capabilities, etc.


p.s. i almost forgot to mention that voxalot is any excellent service with a really great support team. thanks.
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