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I think that voxcall will use the power of facebook to get more voxalot members to sign up, these members may go premium and make more money for voxalot who can then hopefully use this to enhance the service.

It is interesting that the two features you suggested would not be used very often by myself.

My two things at the moment would be

1. Privacy Manager - asks anonymous callers to enter their phone number before your phone rings.

2. Ring Groups

I would also like to see call through too which I suppose is voxroam.

I have seen many of these features with other services and I am very tempted to switch but will probably look at trying to use them with voxalot as Voxalot is very easy to set up and has excellent support.

Overall, I would like to see voxalot develop to have all the features that the others offer and more but retain the value for money fee and excellent support group that it has.
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