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Default Two things i want Voxalot to do

Two things i want Voxalot to do:

1. To operate VoxRoam(include ANI callback) as soon as possible;

2. To develop a mobile software client(Java is the best) for callback ,and cut down client's data traffic.

IMHO, these above two things are more important than Voxalot facebook application Voxcall for us members. I have set up Voxcall application in my facebook account, but i have never used it except echo test.

Voxalot become popular because it can help us to get the cheapest phone bill. Most Voxalot members register Voxalot because they have been using VOIP provider's service(e.g. BETAMAX ...etc) to save money . So, providing more ways(especially on mobile) to help Voxalot members to save their money should forever be an important topic for Voxalot.

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