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Originally Posted by satphoneguy View Post
i use gtalk2voip quite a bit. forwarding calls from IM(gtalk, msn, yahoo, etc.) to SIP is not one of the supported features. what it allows you to do is answer and place SIP calls using your IM platforms as the interface instead of a softphone or IP phone. or to forward those SIP calls if they are not answered on your IM interface. i do not think any service allows you to answer IM calls on a sip phone(although you may want to take a look at barablu - but i think that only works if you are using the barablu softphone.) the only way that would be possible is if the service had your MSN password and was always logged into your IM account.

if you want IM users to be able to reach your SIP phone the solution is for them(not you) to sign up for gtalk2voip. than they can reach you on your SIP phone.
Well, when it is working correctly, if you are logged off (offline), and have specified a follow me destination then any other user also signed up can issue a CALL command, and although I am not on, it'll ring on my phone....that's the idea here and it is a supported but not very reliable function...
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