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Originally Posted by chatalot View Post
I am doing as you say and not getting caller ID, I think my phone can display alphanumeric callerID as I get "Voxalot" when they call me. Can't think what else to try.

I am thinking of joining Phonegnome anyway so I may give that a try although I was saving Phonegnome as my DID provider offers hunt groups so I was thinking of setting up a Phonegnome for that.

I would really like to get it working, I wonder if it is because I am using MSN, what are you using?
Well to be fair, since you posted, I can't seem to get it to forward to another SIP URI at all if I am logged

So what are you doing right now, forwarding to

In terms of PhoneGnome, there is nothing stopping you from using at GTalk2Voip and for Hunt Groups (worst case scenario, if the CID you receive matters to you, sign up both your home number and cell, that gives you 2 different PhoneGnome accounts you can use)

You won't get things to work to your satisfaction completely.

Even if everything was working, you'll notice that if someone calls you and you're offline, they'll hear ringing for 20 sec, before your phone even starts ringing....

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