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Originally Posted by chatalot View Post
I have been playing with the above service this week using MSN messenger. For those who don't know what it is, it allows people to call you using microphone and headphones and MSN messenger, Google Talk, and other compatible instant messenger services. It turns MSN messenger into a basic SIP phone. You can call PSTN and receive incoming calls via sipbroker ID and divert incoming calls to voxalot/elsewhere.

It is great but I have one problem with it, no caller ID when you divert calls to voxalot - the calls just say NOT AVAILABLE on the display of my phone. I think that it is probably gtalk2voip that are not providing this but I was wondering if it is possible to at least know that it is someone calling via this method even if you don't see their MSN username.

I thought maybe they could be detected with call forwarding and routed to a different Voxalot account. But that required 2 phones too.

I was wondering if Voxalot could look at the logs to see if a caller ID is possible for these calls or if anyone has any ideas or comments?
As you may have realized by know, in order for someone to call you this way, they must also have added as a contact.

If they have that added, they might as well type CALL and call you at VoXalot directly, in this case your CID should show their username (if their email is, your CID should show 'user')

Now I have my forwarding number in GTalk2Voip set as, and although I can't seem to get it to work properly right now, it usually at least sends GTalk2Voip as CID.

However if instead I'm picking my VoXalot calls via FW to a cellphone that's when the unkwown CID happens....

One solution, although I am not happy with their forwarding, it's a bit hit and miss, is to sign up your number for PhoneGnome, set PhoneGnome up as a provider in GTalk2Voip, set up a Dial Plan in GTalk2Voip, and forward (follow me number) the call directly to a phone number, handled by PhoneGnome. As a result whenever someone calls this way, the CID you get is your own number that you registered for PhoneGnome, so you'll know it's one of these calls....

I don't know how much that helps.....

Their service is promising (especially being able to set up your email as a VoIP address eg. sip: if you use Google Apps to host your email), but it's a bit raw and buggy, and Ruslan hasn't been around much lately either....

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