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Originally Posted by foneboxx View Post
Warning:Emoci, the message below is not for you but for raphoumail.

Did you smoke something special when you wrote this?
Stay polite or MOVE!
...and yes, you have the right to answer me!
@ VoXalot team & Members: sorry guys but i'm done with with all those nasty persons who just open their mouth to say horrible things about a service they used for free for a long time and a service that now give them the choice to have their own brand on the button.
When all of us upgrated or were told of the upgrade, no one complained of the "ugly actual layout" of the buttons.
Now that it is said that it's a paid service, some "intelligent people" make their coming out...Damned!
That said, hope everyone will enjoy his day
I'm sorry but I don't see any lack of politness in my previous message.
I'm just complaining about the huge fee to customise the webcallback button for residential use.

And yes, the button is ugly, and has always been since it has been changed. (the first one wasn't with web2.0 features, but much nicer)

I'm not complaining neither for the paid version, I used voxalot when it was free -and I still use now with premium subscription. I have no problem paying for something worthing (but hundreds dollars for a button, NO. And it shouldn't be an extra option)

I thnik YOU should stay POLITE...
I didn't smoked anything, and I'm sorry for you if you misunderstood.
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