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I haven't tried giving the ATA a public address yet because I'm afraid it might interfere with my dyndns connection to my router. But it's certainly true doing that could be revelatory.

For now, though, I want to continue experimentation with line 2 (the one with direct registration with justvoip). I was recalling--as I posted above--that I sometimes get MOCS on that line, too, but I'm now uncertain about that. I'll keep trying that line each time MOCS occurs on line 1 (voxalot registration with justvoip set as VSP on that line) to see if I can ever get MOCS to occur on line 2. So far it hasn't, but it's only been about a day since I reconstituted that line. Seeing whether my recollection that MOCS sometimes occurs on that line is correct or not could also be revelatory of where the problem lies.

Further updates to come as I continue these tests.

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