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Since yesterday I've been getting MOCS on line 1 (voxalot registration with justvoip as VSP) every time I call a PSTN number. If I immediately call back that same number using line 2 (direct registration with justvoip), the MOCS problem goes away. I don't think I've ever had MOCS persist for so lengthy an interval.

And yes, I do have different SIP ports configured for these two accounts--5060 and 5061. I do not see any option in the ATA's web interface to set differing RTP ports, though. I have switched back to the voxalot STUN server, by the way, which has not resolved the MOCS problem.

As I'm now thinking of some analysis I was formulating earlier with regard to this problem, I was previously leaning toward the conclusion that this problem relates to voxalot rather than to my betamax provider. As I'm now recalling, one key factor leading me to lean toward that conclusion was the fact that I sometimes get MOCS when I'm calling another voxalot user: in those cases, there can be no question of poor interaction between voxalot and a VSP, since it all goes through voxalot. We haven't placed such a call for a few weeks since my father-in-law is now visiting us. But during much of the year we call him very regularly, and I've definitely seen the MOCS problem in the past when calling him, and he's seen it when calling me, too (I set up and ATA configured to register his voxalot account on his internet connection).

Thus, the mystery deepens . . .

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