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Thanks for your response, kurun. Unfortunately, I don't have any Windows on which I can run the justvoip softphone: I've striven to be Windows-free for a few years now, and have largely succeeded. Do you happen to know if/how that softphone functions under WINE? I could try that, if it actually runs under WINE.

And yes, my ATA is behind a router. Should've mentioned that when I described my setup. So that does add another possible point of failure. I tried at some point to fiddle with QoS settings, but did not comprehend very well what to do there. I do have the option of putting the ATA in the DMZ, which seems like it could affect things if I'm having router issues. I actually switched my STUN server to But I do believe that, at some point, I had it set to the voxalot STUN server.

Any recommendations based on this further description?

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