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I have a Speedtouch 780 (from my ISP that I've connected my NTL dect phone into it's PSTN port1 and the PSTN connected to the landline. I don't really understand why but my dialplans yesterday didn't work but today they do. The only thing is today I've registered my PSTN number with and my enum looks at my voxalot number. Maybe that fixed it

Anyways I live in the UK and wanted free UK, Australia and Canada calls. I've found all these but the mobile calls will have to make do with almost exactly the same as my pay-as-you-go mobile.

This is what I have set as my dialplans:

1 _7. 004420${EXTEN} Voipdiscount
2 _8. 004420${EXTEN} Voipdiscount
3 _020. 0044${EXTEN:1} Voipdiscount
4 _07. ${EXTEN} Sipgate
5 _01. 0044${EXTEN:1} Voipdiscount
20 _00 ${EXTEN} Voipbuster

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