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Default Basic AU setup for billion/voxalot

Here's my setup.

In the billion dial plan, I do the following (which assumes you're in the '03' area code):
 Use VOIP (via voxalot) for everything EXCEPT:
   1800 / 1300 / 13 numbers
   Translate 012 / 1223 into freecall equivalents
   Allow hash to be pressed to dial straight away
   Prepend with * to force to VOIP as a literal (e.g. a 1800 number which is in the US, or a sipbroker address)
   Convert all numbers to international format (to make the voxalot rules a bit simpler)
PHP Code:
voip endpoint 1 set digitmap '(000<:@pstn>|1[38]x.T<:@pstn>|<**:*>x.T<:@voxalot>|<*:>x.T<:@voxalot>|<1223:1800612219>x.T<:@pstn>|<013:1800612219>x.T<:@pstn>|<:613>[8-9]x.#<:@voxalot>|<:613>[8-9]x.T<:@voxalot>|<0011:>x.#<:@voxalot>|<0011:>x.T<:@voxalot>|<0:61>x.#<:@voxalot>|<0:61>x.T<:@voxalot>)' 
This makes the rules simpler in voxalot:

30  	_614XXXXXXXX  	${EXTEN}  	pennytel
92 	_61XXXXXXXXX 	${EXTEN} 	sipme
95 	_ZXXXXXXXX. 	${EXTEN} 	pennytel
So mobile and international calls go to one VSP, and national calls go to a different one.
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