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Originally Posted by 441516 View Post
which is for UK users! Foe all UK local and national 01 and 02 numbers.Not forgetting voxalot.
Happy to attempt to help - although I'm new at this...

Voxalot dialplans :

1 _777. ${EXTEN:3} Sipgate UK 
2 _0800. *44800${EXTEN:4} Free World Dialup (FWD)  
3 _393. ${EXTEN:3} Free World Dialup (FWD) 
4 _764. ${EXTEN:3} Poggs 
5 _472. 000472${EXTEN:3} Sipgate UK
I'm using the international SIP provider codes as STD codes - i.e. 777 calls sipgate, using my Sipgate provider account.

0800 routes free calls via FWD (no point really, but I was playing )

393 routes all calls to FWD users via my FWD provider account.

764 is a link to a friends private asterisk exchange (he's made me an extension)

472 routes calls to Gradwell users, via my Sipgate provider.

I'm using a Linksys SPA3102 to connect to Voxalot, and it's dial plan is

This, anything starting 01, 02, 07 or 08 goes via PSTN. (I could route 08 over FWD as in the Voxalot plan, but as mentioned, no real point )

Telco service numbers 100, 123 and 150/151 are covered by the next rule, and go out on PSTN

# instantly drops out to PSTN, and means I can make a landline call if a dialplan screws up whilst I'm testing

999 should go straight out, but I've not tested this

Everything else goes via Voxalot as the normal subscriber.

My plan is to setup accounts with most providers, and set them up as "area codes" in Voxalot
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