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Default Knock off the wireless carrier


I'm a little new to this SIP world but from the initial impression is good. I recently purchased a Droid Incredible from VZW with the intent of disabling my account with VZW and using Skype voip over wifi. However as most of you probably know, VZW made sure that Skype wouldn't work in that fashion (it disables your wifi and attempts an OTA voip connection).

So, my last line of defense seems to be this SIP thing. What my intention to do is since I'm never anywhere where there isn't wifi, I'd like to setup the phone with a blend of Google Voice (which houses my contacts, address books , voice mail, etc) with some kind of SIP service that permits incoming calls.

If you're not familiar with GV (and no, I don't have gizmo), you pick a number you want to call, and Google calls your designated incoming enabled phone line and connects you through the phone number you received from GV to your destination (cell phone, land line, etc).

The problem I have to overcome is some sort of Voip or SIP or something that accepts the incoming call and rings on my phone. I'm hoping to accomplish this with under $60 a year, a much better cost than $2,000 every 24 months.

Thank you for your time and responses.
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