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Default Toll-Free dial via voxalot

I have been using F9 and sipgate as voxalot VSPs for toll-free outbound dial. I experienced a new problem recently. I am sure it was not an issue.

Presently, my toll-free voice calls are fine. But if callee needs me to key my credit card number (when booking a hotel) or ID (when checking my account) or phone number (some case to be asked), it wouldn't work any more. Any input on keypad couldn't be recognized. As I said, it was working fine.

For example
8003472683 (credit card bank)
8888248264 (comcast, will ask you to key your phone#).

It's an old issue. I read my previous notes. the solution
Set DTMF Tx Method: InBand

The setting was Inband. I must reset my ata recently. so it changed to "auto". After it's changed back to "InBand". keypad works once more.

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