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I'm in Tassie so the area code is 03 (613 in country code)

10 _04xxxxxxxx 61${EXTEN:1} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]
20 _[6]xxxxxxx 613${EXTEN} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]
30 _26. 613${EXTEN:1} SIPME Yes [Edit] [Delete]
40 _2. 61${EXTEN:2} SIPME Yes [Edit] [Delete]
50 _[0]. 61${EXTEN:1} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]
60 _xxx. 61${EXTEN} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]

any suggested improvements? Its the first time I've ever tried this!

10 (add 61 to all mobiles and use freecall)
20 (add area code to all local calls)
30 (add area code to all local calls and use SIPME if 2 is dialed as first number)
40 (use SIPME if 2 is dialed as first number)
50 (add international code to all STD numbers)
60 (add international code to all 13... numbers)

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