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Default Dial plan for Hengelo, the Netherlands

The following is dial plan for Hengelo, the Netherlands when using Budget Phone Company / Talkin2Ya as your PSTN provider.
All numbers are transformed so they yield proper ENUM lookups. Hengelo (local) numbers can be dialed without city/area code.

The country code for the Netherlands is 31, the city/area code for Hengelo is 74, the Dutch IDD (International Direct Dialing) prefix is 00, the Dutch NDD (National Direct Dialing) prefix is 0.

Priority Pattern  Replacement  Provider             ENUM Replacement
-------- -------- -----------  -------------------- ----------------
1        _112     ${EXTEN}     Budget Phone Company 31${EXTEN}
10       _0031.   0${EXTEN:4}  Budget Phone Company ${EXTEN:2}
10       _00. 	  ${EXTEN}     Budget Phone Company ${EXTEN:2}
20       _0.      ${EXTEN}     Budget Phone Company 31${EXTEN:1}
30       _ZXXXXXX 074${EXTEN}  Budget Phone Company 3174${EXTEN}
The first entry is meant for the Dutch emergency number.
The second entry is for all international format Dutch PSTN phone numbers.
The second entry is for all other international PSTN phone numbers.
The third entry is for all national PSTN phone numbers.
The last entry is to facilitate "local" calls (without area code) in Hengelo.

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