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Default NSW (Australia) dial plan

The following is a NSW (area code 02) dial plan that has Koala as a "main" VSP and Pennytel as an "override" by dialling 2 at the beginning:

10 _[4689]xxxxxxx 02${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 612${EXTEN} Yes
20 _0[23478]xxxxxxxx ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 61${EXTEN:1} Yes
40 _1[38]00xxxxxx ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 61${EXTEN} Yes
50 _13zxxx ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 61${EXTEN} Yes
60 _0011x. ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM ${EXTEN:4} Yes
70 _20z. ${EXTEN:1} Pennytel ENUM 61${EXTEN:2} Yes
80 _20011x. ${EXTEN:5} Pennytel ENUM ${EXTEN:5} Yes

When you dial using the above plan you will need to put a 2 in front of the number you want to dial when you want it to go through Pennytel and make sure you include the area code.

This dial plan is for people who reside in NSW, Australia and want to dial NSW numbers "normally" (i.e. without area code), with the exception of dialling the Pennytel "override".
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