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Default Smart call and rewrite only rules


Is it possible to have rules in the dial plan that only perform rewriting and continue processing rules? Basically I have to duplicate every rule I have due to being unable to perform rewriting.
To clarify what I mean, consider this subset of my dial rules:

1: if _0[1-578]x. then rewrite to +31${EXTEN:1} via VSP1
2. if _0031[1-578]x. then rewrite to +${EXTEN:2} via VSP1
3. if _06x. then rewrite to +31${EXTEN:1} via VSP2
3. if _00316x. then rewrite to +31${EXTEN:2} via VSP2


It would be nice if could do the following:

1. IF _0Z. then rewrite to +31${EXTEN:1} and continue processing
2. IF _+319x. then DROP
3. IF _+316x. then via VSP1
4. IF _+31x. then via VSP2

and so on... The idea is to transform all numbers (regardless of how the user dialed the number) into a universal format of +<COUNTRYCODE><NUMBER>.
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