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Default SPA-3000 to Voxalot Dial Plan

I am new to voxalot and would like for someone to help me with my dial plan. I will post my current dial plan with an explaination of it and I was hoping someone could come up with a voxalot dial plan, I want all calls to go via my engin account except for those that go to pstn currently like 000. I live in Queensland Australian and am with engin. My ata is a SPA-3000

Thanks in advance

(*xx|000S0<:@gw0>|<#1:@gw0>|1223S0<:@gw0>|0011xx.| 0018xx.|1194S0<:@gw0>|1300xxxxxxS0|1902xxxxxxS0|18 00xxxxxxS0<:@gw0>|13[1-9]xxxS0<:@gw0>|<:07>[3-5]xxxxxxx|0[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0|<9999:1300305000>S0|<12345:0731142100>S 0|<111:074631????>S0|<111:040391????>S0|<123:00114 4207503????>S0)

*xx --- allows in-built ATA codes
000S0<:@gw0> --- Emergency Calls to PSTN
<#1:@gw0> --- Dial #1 to get Real Telstra Dial Tone to check Message Bank or use PSTN
1223S0<:@gw0> --- Telstra Directory Assist via PSTN
0011xx. --- Dial International
0018xx. --- Dial International - UK Special
1194S0<:@gw0> ---- Telstra Time Call via PSTN
1300xxxxxxS0 --- Dial 1300 Numbers
1800xxxxxxS0<:@gw0> --- 1800 numbers via PSTN
13[1-9]xxxS0 --- Dial 13 numbers
1900xxxxxx! --- Bar all calls to 1900 Numbers
<:07>[3-5]xxxxxxx --- add 07 to all numbers starting with 2,3,4 for QLD
0[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0 --- interstate numbers
<9999:1300305000>S0 --- dial 9999 rings engin helpdesk
<12345:0731142100>S0 --- dial 12345 rings engin Voice Mail
<111:074694????>S0 --- Dial 111 rings Family member No. 1
<0111:040391????>S0 --- Dial 0111 rings Family member No. 1 on Mobile
<123:001144207503????>S0) --- Dial 123 to ring Rebecca in the UK

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