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Hi all,

Am a n00b here, haven't even got my account setup yet, however thought I would let you know, I just did a preliminary test with the Australian voice provider, Exetel:

They allow two concurrent calls from the one ATA (ie using 2 phones (configured using the same VoIP account on the same IP) to call two different local numbers on the PSTN ).

I believe this means it will work for me on the same account when I want to use normal handsets (and no ATA) for the call. Now all I need are local VoIP accounts in Europe, US and Asia where I have to call a lot. My test didn't go as far as picking up the calls though, so will report more once I am online properly using the VoXaLot service.

Congratulations on your work with VoXaLot, I hope I can contribute some- and that you can make this the world standard call initialisation system Nick

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