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Originally Posted by jack9901 View Post
The 6 step guide is for performance tuning rather than trouble shooting. It is actually more of a trouble maker than problem solver giving that Voxalot servers seem to have more trouble with NAT handling than other PBX'es. It is amazing that it has been there without a big warning that it could ruin your two way voice and has been recommended to solve one way voice problem for such a long time.
Well, it's not that simple,take a look at

If the 6 step tuning works for you, it is the ideal way to go, but not all VSPs support ReInvites.....also the guide should be coupled with a STUN server in your ATA

Of course, the default VoXalot setup with enabled Symmetric NAT handling is pretty reliable, but for some cases the audio stream proxying may introduce some latency

So depends on what works in each situation, and the provider in question
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