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Default voice mail indicator


I am new to voxalot, so if it is already implemented, please point me in the right direction....

Edit: I guess MWI is already implemented (I did not know what to search for) I will test it and update this. Q1 is answered I guess ....

Q1. I have a SIP phone from tigernetcom. If voice mail is waiting on Asterisk server, the phone display flashes a LED. I am guessing that this is sip info stuff. PAP2 allows stutter dial tone or rings to indicate the same. Does voxalot provide this feature? (I am not connected to Asterisk anymore, phone is connected to home dsl router and registers with voxalot directly.)

Q2. Currently I am using sipphone stun server. Does voxalot has it's own? Is there benefit of using one over another?

Q3. Is there call waiting? (two incoming calls at the same time?)

BTW advanced dialplan is great, I managed to connect two providers to voxalot account and I am able to pick and chose my providers based on codes.

Thanks for the great service.

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