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As you know CallThru is already possible, although may require some work to get running. It allows for using any of the SipBroker/TPad access numbers and any others you can manage to add privately. (Placing VoIP Calls from any Old Regular PSTN Phone)

One downside of this is that there is no APP to do the following yet:
-Note you are calling Intl number
-Note your location and choose a local number corresponding to your location
-Place all such calls via such route

I think the idea of CallBack (Arcosoft Inc. VONaLink - DialBridge for Windows) solves the issue of "Knowing your location and choosing local number based on location",so only one more thing left, distinguinshing what should and should not be dialed this way.

Ideally, what I would want is something like the programming that UM+ or many Intl Roaming operators have on their SIM Cards, but as a side option so one can choose what numbers are dialed straight through (regular operator) and what numbers use the CallBack method, an automatic CallBack, so all you do is dial the number and wait to be connected...

Anyways, just my 2 cents
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