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Originally Posted by Juste View Post

Did you easily cope with setting incoming rules ?
I find the explanations quite confusing and I am still waiting for Aaron's answer to my questions.
By default, to accept incoming calls, you don't need any incoming rules. The only incoming rule I have at the moment is to send calls to CallCentric voicemail if they are not answered in 20 seconds. Before setting up voicemail, I didn't have any rules and could still receive calls. By default, all incoming calls are sent to all your SIP accounts, i.e. if you have more than one.

I have two SIP accounts. To determine which SIP account calls from certain SIP Providers will go to, I click on the SIP Provider and fill in the Contact Details of the SIP account I want to send the incoming calls to, e.g. .

If you do have any incoming rules, make sure you select an In Dial Plan in your SIP Account settings, otherwise they won't take effect. Outgoing and incoming dial plans for a SIP account are usually configured on the same dial plan page, so, in my case, I have selected the same dial plan name for Out Dial Plan and In Dial plan.

I agree it's all a bit confusing at first but it does start to make sense after a while.

By the way, Aaron's a busy man, but he does try and answer each and every question you throw at him. I noticed that he usually answers my posts in the evening so he probably has a day job, too, God forbid!
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