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Originally Posted by boatman View Post
Probably not. Even if the stun server is not working the ATA could still be contacted and would still ring the attached phone. The call could be answered, however the audio may be missing in one direction, the person speaking on the ATA with the faulty stun server might not be heard by the other person.

Sometimes its preferable to operate the ATA independently of a stun server. The benefit is that phone service can continue no matter if the stun server is working. To do that see steps 1 to 4 below.

1. Forward the SIP ports and the RTP port range from the router to the ATA.
2. Set "STUN Enable:" no
3. Set "NAT Keep Alive Enable:" no
4. The ATA must learn it's public IP address, either through normal SIP registration, or place your public IP address in the 'EXT IP:' field).

I understand that you have not configured port forwarding in the routers, and that's OK. My question now is; are any of those SPA3102 units able to receive a call within the first 60 seconds after SIP registration to the Voxalot proxy?
That is what I noticed:
If I call from a different Voxalot account, it reaches the device after at least 15 seconds (whereas it used to be instant until last Saturday). But instead of getting to the VOIP-to-PSTN Gateway as it has always done, it keeps ringing until the voicemail picks up.

Two of those SPA 3102 that are registered with two different accounts, with different IP, started behaving weirdly on the same day without my intervention.
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