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Ok, your problem is that the provider is sending the INVITE to the wrong user.

Allow me to explain:

When Voxalot registers with a provider (or when any SIP client registers with a provider for that matter) the REGISTER sends a contact. For Voxalot, the contact will be:

sip:xxxxxx@voxalot-proxy where xxxxxx is *your* Voxalot account.

When an inbound call comes from that provider, the SIP INVITE should be sent to the contact. ie sip:xxxxxx@voxalot-proxy

In your case, the provider is sending it to:

sip:M*T8**1@voxalot-proxy where M*T8**1 is a masked version of your LINK2VOIP username.

Now, when Voxalot receives this message it has no clue who M*T8**1 is as it is expecting the provider to honor the contact that was sent on REGISTER as per the SIP RFC.

Another provider in Australia (MNF) had a similar issue a little while back and subsequently fixed it on their end. Unfortunately to resolve this problem, the provider must honor the CONTACT passed to them in the SIP REGISTER and all subsequent calls *must* use this CONTACT.

We have a good relationship with the folks at LINK2VOIP and we are more than happy to discuss this matter with them if you send them our way. I have PMed you a snippet of the SIP trace that you can send to them.


Please post support questions on the forum. Do not send PMs unless requested.
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