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Originally Posted by gowgowuk View Post
Complete newbie here, so, please bear with me!
I've just set up my ATA (PAP2) and configure my VSP (voiptalk) to forward call to, with a Voxalot free basic account and it all seem to work fine: I can make call, receive incoming calls and my voicemail is working fine as well. I tried the Virtual Toll Free button, as I'm quite keen to allow my family to call me for free, but whenever I try it using my local Virgin/Telewest telephone number (I typed +44131xxxxxxx), I get the reply:
"A call to "44131xxxxxxx" is not supported". So, i was wondering what could be the problem, and first of all, is this facility offered with the Basic account?
Many thanks for any help

Two or three possible issues:

1. When you set up your DialPlan in VoXalot, can it handle calls to 44131xxxxxxx. To test this, log into VoXalot, go under SmartCall/Dial Plan and use the Test field....enter the 44131xxxx number and see if the test tool correctly identifies the route

2. If everything above works, make sure that the Dial Plan rule in question has been set to yes for the setting 'Virtual Toll Free Enabled' (to see this you'll need to click on Advanced Settings button for that dial plan)

3. If that also works, make sure that under 'Virtual Toll Free' in your VoXalot acct, the Enable Feature box has been checked

4. Also Inoticed you saying you entered +44131xxx, avoid putting a + in front of the number, make sure the way you enter it conforms with your dial plan in VoXalot

This is something very minor that's getting in your way here, hope you figure it out...and yes Virtual Toll Free is supported in VoXBasic Accts...

As a sidenote, if there is a local SIPBroker access number where your family lives (SIPBroker - PSTN Numbers), they can use that and then enter *010YourVoXalotNumber when asked, which will ring you directly without involving Virtual Toll Free at all...
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