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VoXaLot is not just your average VoIP service provider (VSP). VoXaLot is a VSP hub that provides you with an easy and convenient way to manage all of your other VoIP providers from one central location. There are lots of good reasons for you to use VoXaLot:

1. VoXaLot Dial Plans: allow anyone (even people that do not have a sophisticated Analogue Telephone Adapter ATA) to create dial plans that can use multiple VSPs. You can route your calls to different VSPs to take advantage of the lowest cost service provider for each type of call.
2. VoXaLot Web Call Back: allows you to make cheap (say around 20 cents) untimed calls to anywhere in the world without any ATA hardware at all (either party). Therefore anyone can setup an account with a VSP and start using VoIP using their normal telephone - there is no need to buy any hardware.
3. VoXaLot Voice Mail: is provided free for all users.
4. VoXaLot ENUM Routing: Automatically check to see if there is a 'free' way to connect your call using ENUM routing. If there is a free way to do it, VoXaLot will find it. If not, the call will go through your preferred discount VSP. VoXaLot ENUM lookup is completely seamless and transparent to you.
5. VoXaLot SIP Code dialing allows users with a VoIP service to call other VoIP users for free from anywhere around the world using SIP Code dialing.
6. VoXaLot Call Forwarding: allows users to forward inbound SIP calls from other SIP URIs to a URI that is registered to their ATA. Friends can therefore ring your VoXaLot 6 digit number and make your ATA ring.
7. Web based Speed dialing for SIP URI numbers.
8. RTPProxy and NAT support.
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