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Broadband Speeds in the USA may not be on par with Japan, however as I understand it , there are no new analog phones being installed in Japan any more either.

I invite you to visit a Latin American country and see what slow bandwidth is really about. TelMex Infinitum DSL 1 Meg down 128K up. If TelMex knows you use VOIP they slow down the upload speed to 64 and if you call support they say "well if you have 64K , you have enough" . On the other side, most cable companies in Mexico put you behind their NAT and you must pay extra for a public IP. I was quoted what translates to about $96.00 US per month just for a public, dynamic IP address! ALAS one cable provider is now offering a 3 Meg Connection at about $25.00 US per month (must bundle with cable TV so it really costs nearly $ 45.00 US monthly.

Just a note , so enjoy your excessive velocity there in Japan.

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